2017.12.03 - XXIV Concurso Monográfico del CEC Alicante

 PRIMA'SOL Star of Elune on special show at Spain - JCAC Best Junior then went on to BISJ3. Huge congrats Debbie.


2017.10.22 - SHOWS News

International Dog Show Poznań 21.10.2017
JAZZPER Star of Elune  
(Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ & Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM)
CWC, CACIB, Best Female, Qalifikation for CRUFTS 2018S

International Dog Show Poznań 22.10.2017
JAZZPER Star of Elune - female, champion klas
(Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ & Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM)
CWC, CACIB, Poland Winner, BOB 

Hungarian Schnauzer Pinscher Dobermann Klub year winner show in Komarom

HJCH HCH La'Certa Star of Elune ( FLY'FENIX Star of Elune & GALLA Star of Elune)  in champion class:
Ex., CAC, BOB.


LA'CERTA Star of Elune 

2017.10.01-02  - International Dog Show Maastrich

PRIMA'SOL  Star of Elune ( Aritaur GENE GENE x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - 2 x JCAC 1 x Adult CAC 1 x RCAC 1 x BOB now known as Netherlands Junior Champion. Huge Congrats Debbie.


2017.09.24 - Wrocław CACIB Dog Show

LA'RS Star of Elune (ZEN&ZIVA) - BEST OF BREED at IDS Wrocław - huge congrats owner Witold Hanák

2017.09.23 - SPECIALITY Hungarian Club Show

Fantastic news from Hungary - our young boy out of Ziva&Felek QUIDAM Star of Elune on Club Show BIS 3 
At short time QUIDAM is 2x Junior Club winner 2017 and 2x Junior best in show 3.
Owner : Rigo Zsolt
Handling : Kata Aida Baranyai




2017.07.25 - BIS PUPPY 

What amazing news I get - our progeny QUIDAM Star of Elune (FELEK&ZIVA) at NDS Debrecen (HU) took PUPPY BEST IN SHOW !!!


2017.07.23 - IDS Częstochowa

IDS Częstochowa - UnforgettablyGP GEORGINA AT ELUNE ''Lucy'' - won BOB Junior


2017.07.18 - VAIANA BIS PUPPY

VAIANA TRUE TREASURE Star of Elune - National Dog Show for Hunting Dogs and 2nd group FCI, Piotrkow Trybunalski 16.07.2017 


2017.07.02 - CAC WISLA

UnforgettablyGP GEORGINA AT ELUNE ''LUCY'' at CAC show Wisła debut at Junior class 
Junior BOB, Best Female and BOB.

REDINGTONN Star of Elune (Jazz&Wonda) - very promissing & Best Puppy - congrats to owner

2017.06.24 - ARIA BOB JUNIOR

1st Seaside International Dog Show Kołobrzeg (PL) CELLESTE AIOR Set Bohemicus ''ARIA''
Junior WINNER,  Junior BOB & BOS.


2017.06.24 - ARIA New Poland Junior Champion

ARIA today at CACIB Krakow finished Junior Poland Champion.

2017.06.13 - Puppies were born

Hello World we arrived - two litters at same time 
babies Ziva&Jazz 10-06-2017
babies Ginger&Baron 12-06-217
we have 16 babies 
Ziva - 2 red female, 2 red male, 2 b/t male
Ginger - 1 red female, 1 b/t female, 5 red male, 3 b/t male
Puppies are healthy and strong, moms doing well and daddys are proud.


2017.06.11  - Aria Czech Republic Club Winner

HOT NEWS FROM PRAGUE (CZ) - Pincher Club Show - CELLESTE AIOR Set Bohemicus ''ARIA'' - BOB Junior, Junior Club Winner. 


2017.06.04 - Aria on Dog Shows

Fantastic weekend for our young girl CELLESTE AIOR Set Bohemicus ''Aria''
Saturday CAC Leszno - ex, JUNIOR WINNER and BOS :) judge Andrzej Mania
Sunday CAC Racibórz - ex., JUNIOR WINNER, JUNIOR BOB, BOB :) judge : Petr Rehanek



2017.05.17 - LA'CERTA Star of Elune new Hungarian Champion

Beautiful daughter Zen&Ziva's was showed at Miskolc Marathon Dog Show weekend and finished Hungarian Champion.

HJCH La'Certa Star of Elune 
Judge: Mr. Rozenberg Evgeny (RUS)
Day 1 CAC: Ex., CAC, BOB
Judge: Ms. Lejla Alic (BIH)
Judge: Korózs András (HU)

Huge congrats owner Ella Kubasek.


2017.05.14 - National Dobermanns, Pinschers and Schnauzers Show ISPU cert.

CAC & ISPU cert. - National Dobermanns, Pinschers and Schnauzers Show - Łódź 13-05.2017. 

Star of Elune team have great 
LA'RS Star of Elune (Zen&Ziva) - intermediate class- CAC
JUMMAC Star of Elune (Jazz&Frida) - first show ever - open class - CAC and opening Poland Champion
QUENYA Star of Elune (Felek&Ziva) -- minior puppy class - BEST MINOR PUPPY, BIS Minior Puppy III
CELLESTE AIOR Set Bohemicus (Orkan&Air Set) - junior class - ex., Junior Winner and ISPU Club Youth Winner Cert.
ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune ( Drym&Caza) - open class - ex, Best of Bitch and BOB and ISPU Club Winner Cert.
Thanks to the Judge Anna Pakulska.

2017.04.30 - Grand Prix Budapest 

Grand Prix Budapest CACIB
La'Certa Star of Elune Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Dániel József Dani

Huge Congrats Ella!


2017.04.10 - Wilson&Lilly puppies arrived

Babies arrived at Tuesday night - 4 boys & 2 girls. Mummy and babies doing well.

2017.03.31 - Star of Elune German Pinschers around Europe 

Little late update from GP around the World from last weekend
1.NETHERLANDS : fantastic debut on dog show at Hazerswoude - NEW KID ON THE BLOCK Star of Elune - CAC & BOB - first show first success :)
2. HUNGARY : LA'CERTA Star of Elune - at Jászberény - CAC & BOB. 
3. GERMANY - JORDAN Star of Elune - CityLauf Dresden ( international street run) finished with gold medal :)
congrats Ella Kubassek, Kateryna Volok and Jan-Karel Reesink


2017.03.05 - Star of Elune honored with a brown badge​

Our breeding work has been appreciated - it's a nice feeling. Thank you ZKwP/Bytom . We are proud to present the Honor Brown Bronze Badges of ZKwP.

2017.02.06 - Available weimaraner puppy

We have available one female born 2016-12-06

Parents are : ARTHUR ELWOOD Agamysh x TERAS OF THE SUN Star of Elune

more in puppies 

2016.12.23 - Merry Christmas

2016.10.10 - KINNON Star of Elune

Great weekend for Kinnon Star of Elune (at Latvia) at Obedience Rally 1st and 2nd track 162 points or 90% out of maximum. Got high 5th place. Thank you Lelde for all fantastic work with Kinnon.


2016.10.02 - We have puppies

Frida&Jack babies arrived 02-10-2016. 3females and 1 male.


2016.10.03 - HAPPY B-DAY MUNIU

My special boy Muniek today 8 years - Happy B-day! 

2016.09.01 - special litter at the way


2016.08.21- KINNON Star of Elune Baltic Junior Champion


2016.07.22 - 10 years old - HAPPY B-day CAZA!

Today we celebrate Caza's B-day - 10 years but still young. 
She gave us many lovely puppies and started our pinscher's love.


2016.07.17 - LA'TINA Star of Elune Latvia Junior Champion

Great news from Latvia - LA'TINA Star of Elune (FLY'ZEN Star of Elune x GALLA Star of Elune) - New Junior Champion and OGRE WINNER & OGRE SUMMER - huge congrats to owner.



2016.07.12 - puppies 7 weeks old


2016.06.12 - Latvian Winner for LA'TINA 

Great news from Latvia - International Dog Show ‘’Latvian Winner’’ 11.06.2016 - LA'TINA Star of Elune (FLY'ZEN Star of Elune & GALLA Star of Elune) - ex, Junior CAC, BOB - Latvian Winner 2016.

2016.06.06 - News from Hungary

An amazing HSPDK show again! LA'CERTA Star of Elune: BOB and Junior Winner


2016.06.06  - puppies 2 weeks

2016.05.23 -  Hey we arrived

Sire : FLY'FENIX Star of Elune ''FELEK'' (WW'12 Cerrinan QUEIRO  x Ch Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM)
Dam : ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune ''GINGER'' (InCH DRYM PINSCHER King Black x Ch Cecylia Kalong)
3b/t males, 3 red males, 2 b/t females, 1red female.


2016.05.15 - II National of Doberman & Pinscher Club Show -2015-05-14​

II National of Doberman & Pinscher Club Show -2015-05-14
junior class : 
LA'RS Star of Elune (FLY'ZEN Star of Elune - GALLA Star of Elune) - ex, BOB Junion, BOS, BIS Junior 2
open class
FLY'ZEN Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUEIRO - Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - ex.1
champion class
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUIERO - Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - CWC, Best Adult Dog, Best black/tan dog
intermediate class
JAZZPER Star of Elune (Lilla Eneby's YUM'YAZZ - Xitamiz EXPENZIVE GEM) - ex.3
At Club ranking 2015 
JAZZPER Star of Elune - Best Junior 2
Lilla Enebys YUM' YAZZ (Jazz) - Best Stud Dog 2 
Xitamix EXPENZIVE GEM (Frida) - Best Breeding Female 1
Star of Elune - Best kennel 2
Congratulations to owners&friends

2016.04.23 - Pregnancy confirmed

We are happy to announce confirmed the pregnancy our GINGER.
The birth of the puppies for GINGER and FELEK is expected around 28 May.


We are expecting black & tan and red puppies

2016.04.09/10 - Great weekend for Star of Elune team

Great weekend for pinscher surnamed Star of Elune. 
On the Pinscher Club Show our kennel was represented by 2 dogs - debut LA'SHIFFRE (ZEN & ZIVA) and JAZZPER (JAZZ & FRIDA). Great surprise we did our a newcomer, who won the title Junior Club Winner and finally take BOB. Note that LA'SHIFFRE is only 9 monthly dog. While JAZZPER won CAC Champion. And as if that was not enough, sister of debutant LA'CERTA Hungary won titles BOB JUNIOR and BOB.

2016.03.01 - red female avilable 

we have available female  born 24/11/2015 - puppy has ID chip, vaccinated according to age and dewormed. We are looking for responsible home. Any interest please contact us.


2016.02.29 - weimaraner puppies ended 4 weeks

2016.02.24 - Fehova Winter Dog Show

The young female from our kennel LA'CERTA Star of Elune (FLY'N Star of Elune & GALLA Star of Elune) at the prestigious Hungarian dog show was elected the third most beautiful Puppy exhibition.

2016.01.27  - we have weimaraner puppies

At our  kennel born 8 strong and healthy puppies - 4 girls & 4 boys. Baibes & mum doig well.

2016.01.18 - news from Latvia

Great news from Latvia our export babies were showed at Daugavpils National dog show, Latvia 16.-17.01.2016 :
KINNON Star of Elune (FLY'FENIX Star of Elune x ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune)
First day: Became new Latvian Junior Champion, Best Junior, Best dog-2, JCAC, PP, EXCELLENT. Judge – Nebojša Švraka (BiH).
Second day: BOB, Best junior, Best dog, PP, EXCELLENT. Judge – Kojevnikova Olga (BY).
LA'TINA Star of Elune (FLY'ZEN Star of Elune x GALLA Star of Elune) puppy class - very promissing.
Huge congrats to owners Lelde Edlel & SvetlanaErik Ivanovi.


2015.12.17 - 3 weeks GP puppies

Wonda's&Jamey babies ended 3 weeks.


2015.12.13 - great news from Hungary

At the club show in Hungary debuted LA'CERTA Star of Elune (FLY'ZEN Star of Elune x GALLA Star of Elune) - has received very promising note and was chosen BIS Baby III. Congratulations to debut owner.

2015.12.01  - we have German Pinscher puppies

24th November arrived 7 wonderfull puppies -parents are : Yarracita HOTTHER THAN HELL ''JAMEY'' (Quester vom Blauen Wunder x Norrström Nikka ) & HIGH VOLTAGE Star of Elune ''WONDA'' (UMBRO von Wildenstein x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM)
Mummy and babies doing very well.


2015.09.20 - Great weekend

What a fantastic weekend for our kennel at Saturday - Doberman & Pinscher Club Show - excellent results
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune ''Felek'' - champion class ex. CWC, BOS,
ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune ''Ginger'' - open class, ex. CWC, BEST MOVEMENT
Felek & Ginger - res. Best Breeding Couple
And new star progeny of Frida&Jazz - JAZZPER Star of Elune ''Iris'' - junior class - BOB JUNIOR, BIS Junior, Best Junior of Club, Best GP head - huge congrats Joanna Rakowska co-owner our lovely girl. Thanks Joanna for great presentation and support Andrzej.
Next day on National Dog Show JAZZPER Star of Elune - BOB Junior & BOB
At the Saturday evening nice news - JUST LIKE A DREAM Star of Elune - German Junior Champion and PSK Clubchampion - huge congrats Carolin Wohn & Tanja Walter.

2015.09.20 - JUST LIKE A DREAM Star of Elune new Junior German Champion

Great news from Germany  -JUST LIKE A DREAM  Star of Elune is now Youth-Champion VDH and Youth-Clubchampion PSK.Huge congrats Carolin :)


2015.09.13 -ZEN&GINGR progeny

Very promising start for KINNON Star of Elune in first dog show in Jounior class - FCI 2nd group dog show 13.09.2015, Riga, Latvia - BOB, JCAC, PP, EXCELLENT, Best dog!! Judge – Irina Azen (BY). Best junior in Show-5 Judge Tatjana Romanovskaja (BY).



2015.05.17 - news around the World

 This weekend debut two dogs from our kennel:
Germany - JUST LIKE A DREAM Star of Elune (Jazz & Frida) - made its debut at the exhibition KSA Rhein-Main-Taunus received the VV1 and was chosen best Puppy. And in Latvia during an exhibition in Riga  debuted Kinnon Star of Elune (Felix & Ginger) got very promising and at the finals was BIS2 in baby class.

Congratulations to the owners.

2015.05.16 - PIPER on the TOP

DuringThe Pointing Club Show in the beautiful natural setting and good company presented our three weimaraners, and so: Muniek was Best Working Dog, Lilly - in open class got excellent and was 4th.
The greatest success was achieved by our youngest Piper - was chosen the most beautiful puppy and  finals was chosen Best in Show Minior puppy.

2015.04.26 - CACIB OPOLE

We have another Poland Champion at our kennel. GALLA Star of Elune ''ZIVA'' at great style
finished. On International Dog Show Opole -- ex, CWC, CACIB & BOB.

TEARS OF THE SUN ''PIPER'' - very promissing Best Minior Puppy and finnaly Best in Show 4 - go Piper go :)

2015.04.21 - news from z US

in May at Oakwood kennel German Pinscher puppies will come. Father of puppies was a dog from our kennel ENO'KISS ME BABY Star of Elune '' CONNER '' (Drym PINSCHER King Black x Cecilia Kalong). We are very proud and happy because  mother of babies is a prominent female - '' Maddona '' Am Silver GCH Rivendells Material Girl. For the first time in the history of the breed bitch was selected.

2015.04.12 PIPER's debut

At National Dog Show Zabrze first time showed  TEARS OF THE SUN Star of Elune at minior puppy class.
PIPER get Best Minior Puppy.

2015.03.21 - FLY'FORCE Euroasia Champion

FLY'FORCE Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUEIRO to Aritaur x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) on a biggest Russian INTshow "Eurasia-1" - CACIB, Best Male, BOS, Champion Eurasia.
Huge congrats Kseniya Britowa - you make great job.

2015.03.21 - CACIB Katowice

After the winter break we went strong group on the International Dog Show in Katowice - sadly resulted Rankings winter laziness very good for Felix, Ziva and Wonda - well indoor exhibitions are not what our dogs like the most.

2015.03.07 -  CACIB Zielona Góra/Dżonków

Good day for our dogs
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune ''FELEK'' -ex,CWC, CACIB


2015.03.04 - new baby at Star of Elune gang

new memeber of our gang -  ''PIPER'' TEARS OF THE SUN Star of Elune ( OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune x AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot) dob.2014-12-01

2015.02.14 - eyes checked tests

Annual checked eyes - FLY'FENIX Star of Elune ''Felek'', FLY'ZEN Star of Elune ''Zen'', Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ ''Jazz'', GALLA Star of Elune ''Ziva'' and HIGH VOLTAGE Star of Elune ''Wonda'' - PRA, CLA, C & more  all clear.

2015.02.01 - news from Russia

FLY'FORCE Star of Elune ( Ceriinan QUEIRO to Aritaur x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) on National breed show "Pinscher's day 2015"  on judge Nikola Smolic get - Club Champion, Best male, BOS and now Grandchampion Russia - huge congrats Kseniya.

2014.12.12 - puppies grow up

babies from our last litters (GP and weims) doing very well and growing so fast.
FELEK's and GINGER  babies taste first meal.
puppies of  LEX & LILLY try opening eyes. :)


2014.12.01 - Weimaraner puppies arrived

They arrived 2 boys & 5 girls. All strong and healthy.
Parents : OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune ''LEX'' and AMAIZING LILLY Grey Shot ''LILLY''.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from our kennel, please contact us by email or phone.

2014.11.19 - we have german pinscher puppies

We glad inform they arrived - 4 red females, 3 red males, 3 b/t females, 3 b/t males
Parents are FLY'FENIX Star of Elune & ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune.
Babies and mum doing very well.

We have available pups.

2014.11.08 - CACIB KIELCE
Next success of our dogs at International Dog Show Kielce
Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ ''JAZZ'' - excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
GALLA Star of Elune ''ZIVA''- excellent

2014.09.21 - National Dog Show Bytom

Great success of our dogs at the national dog show in Bytom
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune 'FELEK' - excellent, CAC, BOB
GALLA Star of Elune 'ZIVA' - excellent, CAC, BOS
Come to us also hear that brother Felka, Frugo FLY'ZUMM Star of Elune was Champion of Serbia - congratulations Monika Strojna.

2014.09.16 - puppes ended 3 weeks

2014.09.14 -wonderful weekend

Great news from exhibitions
HURRACANE Star of Elune ( Umbro x Frida ) - National Dog Show Warszawa - Junior Winner, BOB Junior and finally Best of Breed. Gordon new Junior Poland Champion.
GLAMOURE FROM Star of Elune ( Red Bull x Caza) - National Dog Show Chorzów doskonała, CWC, BOB.
Huge congrats Monika i Lidia.

2014.09.08 - Winner of Belarus - Mińsk

Another success dog from our kennel. FLY'FORCE Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUEIRO x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) at the international exhibition in Minsk, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Congratulations to Kseniya Britowa.

2014.08.26 - We have german pinscher puppies

26th born fantastic litter of Jazz&Frida. We have one red female, 3 b/t female, 3 red males and 3 b/t males. Frida and babies doing well.

2014.08.18 - FRUGO Ukraine Champion

Fantastic results of  FLY'ZUMM Star of Elune ( Ceriinan QUEIRO x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - Ukraine Champion and open Interchampion. Huge congratulations to owners.

2014.07.27 - Zen New Poland Champion

National Dog Show Bedzin - hot, hot, hot. Wonderful weather.
FLY'ZEN Star of Elune ex., CWC and finaly BOB - finished Poland Champion.
GALLA Star of Elune first time at dog show get ex., CWC, BOS  open Poland Champion.
2014.07.28 - weimaraner puppies still available

available two females SKY'SHADOW & SKY'ANGEL

2014.07.27 - ZEN new POLAND CHAMPION

What excellent results on National Dog Show Bedzin
FLY'ZEN Star of Elune - ex. CWC, BOB - finisched Poland Champion
GALLA Star of Elune - ex. CWC, BOS - open Poland Champion.
Judge : Panos Demetriou

2014.06.25 - We have available weimaraner females
Available Female
SKY 'SHADOW Star of Elune
dob: 2014 April 29
Serious enquires welcome.
+48 669 184 888

2014.06.14 - International Dog Show Kraków

What wonderful dog show - unfortunetly rainy and stormy
CACIB Kraków - 10 German Pinschers entered - 5 from our kennel.
ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune - ex.1/2, CWC, CACIB, BOS,
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune - ex.1/2 CWC, res.CACIB
HURRICANE Star of Elune - Best Puppy
FLY'ZUMM Star of Elune - ex.2/2


2014.06.08 - National Dog Show Racibórz

ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune (DRYM PINSCHER King Black x Cecylia Kalong) - ex.1 and finally Best of Breed

FLY'FENIX Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUIERO - Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - ex.1


2014.05.18 - National Dog Show Bytom

FLY'FENIX Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUIERO - Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - ex.1
ENO'WHATS UP Star of Elune (DRYM PINSCHER King Black x Cecylia Kalong) - ex.1 and Best of Breed


2014.05.10- 11 - Great shows weekend

Special show DOBERMANN STAR Łódź 10.05.2014
What great results of FLY'ZUMM Star of Elune (Ceriinan QUIERO - Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - CWC, Best adult dog, BOB, BIS II, Best red dog, Best head, Best movement. Huge congrats to owner Monika Strojna.
On the same show HURRICANE Star of Elune (UMBRO VON BURG WILDENSTEIN - XITAMIZ XPENZIVE GEM) - BOB puppy, BIS Puppy II - congrats to Monika Trzeciak.
Judge : Guenther Ehrenreich (A)

CACIB Łódź 2014.05.11
FLY'ZUMM Star of Elune-  ex. CWC, CACIB
HURRICANE Star of Elune - vo, Best Puppy
After many years break at main ring showed german pinscher breeding group. Thank you Monika & Monika & Lidia for your great job.

Great news from UK at National Dog Show Birmingham 2014.05.11  Best of Breed FLY'ZOOZ Star of Elune  (Ceriinan QUIERO - Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM).  Congrats to Jay Horgan & Tracy Young.
Judge: Mr Andrew Brace


2014.05.03 - We have weims puppies

I glad inform weimarner puppies arrived - we have 6 females & 2 males.
Parents are :
HD:A; ED:0/0
BIS x 2,
Junior World Winner
Club Winner 2010
13xCAJC, 22xCAC, 5xrCACIB, 6xCACIB, 15xBOB

Poland Champion
Club Winner 2011
Poland Junior Winner 2010
Poland Junior Champion

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from our kennel, please contact us by email or phone. We are happy to answer all your questions.

2014.05.03 - Pointing Dogs Club Show  Rzeszów - Lilly Poland Champion

On Pointing Dogs Club Show  AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot  notice ex., CWC and New Poland Champion.

foto. Justyna Czerny

2014.04.27 - CACIB OPOLE - ZEN Best of Breed

International Dog Show Opole  FLY'ZEN Star of Elune excellent, , CWC, CACIB and Best of Breed.

photo : Patrycja Maruszewska

2014.04.13 - Weekend shows

Great news from shows
National Dog Show Lublin - HURRICANE Star of Elune (UMBRO von Burg-Wildenstein x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) - wo, Best Puppy.
National Dog Show Częstochowa - GALMOUR FROM Star of Elune ( RED BULL Black Bohemia x Cecylia Kalong) - ex. Junior Winner.

2014.04.08 - FELEK&CAZA puppies 4 weeks

2014.04.06 - CAC ZABRZE

FLY'ZEN Star of Elune "ZEN" - intermediate class - excellent 2


Excellent start new show year:
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune "FELEK" - open class - excellent
FLY'ZEN Star of Elune "ZEN" - intermediate class - excellent 1, CWC, Best Male and finally BEST OF BREED
Judging by Anna Pakulska (PL)

Our weims progeny:
RITA Star OF Elune first time showing get BEST PUPPY and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY IV
congrats to owner


2013.12.13/14 - 2 x CACIB Amsterdam

Great news from Nederland:

ONE DAY SHOW - 13.12.2013

judge: Christian Stefanescu (RO)
Fly Zooz Star of Elune - 1st intermediate male rcac/rcacib

AMSTERDAM WINNER 2013 - 14.12.2013
judge: Jo Schepers (NL)
Fly Zooz Star of Elune - Best Dog, Best Of Breed, Amsterdam Winner 2013, CAC & CACIB

Jay Horgan with Fly Zooz Star of Elune - AMSTERDAM WINNER 2013

2013.09.23 - We have German Pinscher puppies

At Friday 20th born at our kennel 10 health & strong puppies - 5 females and 5 males. All black/tan.
Happy parents are ICh UMBRO von Wildenstein ''Umbro'' x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM ''Frida''.
Mum and babies doing very well.
More detalist about parnets at puppy dep.
We have  available females & boy.
If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from our kennel, please contact us by email or phone.

2013.09.14 - Darlington Championship (UK)

Great news from England - FLY'ZOOZ Star of Elune  (Ceriinan Quiero via Aritaur x Xitamiz Xpensive Gem) won Best of Breed.
His sister FLY'CA Star of Elune got Reserve Best Bitch.
Huge congrats to Jay Horgan, Tracy Jung, Cindy Ranson & Ben Pearce - excellent results.

FLY'ZOOZ Star of Elune

2013.09.09 - 50th day Frida's pregnenancy

Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM - 50th day pregnanency. She doing well.
More detalist about puppies :here


2013.08.31 - National Dog Show Chorzow

German Pinscher
FLY'ZEN Star of Elune  - Junior Best of Breed
Judge : Jolanta Jabłońska

OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune - ex, CWC, BOS - and now New Poland Champion
Judge : Janusz Opara

FLY'ZEN Star of Elune


2013.07.26 - National Dog Show Będzin
German Pinscher
Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ Best of Breed
FLY'FENIX Star of Elune - BOB Junior
Judge Anna Tiets (RU)

AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot - BOB Junior  & new Poland Junior Champion
Best of Breed dog from our kennel OCTOBER FEST Star of Elune (just second show at his life)
Judge Stefan Sinko (SLO)

Weather was horrible - hot,hot hot 36 degree at shadow

2013.07.26 - Leeds Championship (UK)

Best Dog at Leeds Championship  under Peter Jolley - FLY'ZOOZ Star of Elune via Aritaur



2013.07.11 -German Pinscher available puppies
We have available 2 females from mating Ch RED BULL Black Bohemia x Ch CECYLIA Kalong - "CAZA".
We invite you to contact us.
More about parents and puppies at puppies dep.


2013.06.30 - International Dog Show Genk
FLY'ZOOZ Star of Elune ex. 2nd place
FLY'CA Star of Elune had her first show - 1st Junior Female Exc.




2013.06.23 - ''FRUGO's'' great weekend
FLY'ZOOM Star of Elune'' Frugo'' weekend spent in Nowy Targ - and so the first day at the National Dog Show of Group II was Best Junior and Best of Breed. On Sunday, at the National Exhibition do it  once again and took the BOB.  Congratulations Ms. Monica and thank you for presenting this wonderful dog.



2013.06.15  - CACIB Kraków
What a great weekend for our kennel.
At the International Dog Show in Krakow'' Lilly'' again was named BOB Junior, brother of our LEX- in great  at the show. Shown for the first time OCTOBER FEST Star of Elune in open class got excellent and was res.CACIB.


Our pinschers represented FLY'ZOOM Star of Elune - was Best Junior in Breed and also finished  Poland Junior Champion. Congratulations to Monica Strojny and her family.

2013.06.02 - CACIB Prestige Leszno

Weimaranus MOON OVER BROADWAY ''MUNIEK'' won working class
AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot excellent &  BOB Junior.
Judge :  Susan Shirgley (Ghostwind Kennels, Australia).



2013.06.01  - Spring Cup Moscow

At dog show Spring Cup at Moscow FLY'FORCE Star of Elune (ChicoxFrida) get BOB and he is new Russia Junior Champion. Huge congrats to Ksenyia Britova.



2013.05.21 - German Pinscher puppies 4 weeks old

Erro's & Caza puppies ended 4 weeks today. All grow helathy and so fast.
We have avaibable red girls from this litter.
More detalist at
puppy web



2013.05. 16-19 - World Dog Show Budapest

At now ''LILLY'' is daughter of World Winner 2013 Granitehill NINE ONE ONE (father of ''Lilly'') is World Winner. Huge Congrats to Agnes Granitehill kennel. We are so happy have the great  progeny at our kennel.



2013.05.12 - Europasieger 2013, Dortmund

FLY'FORCE Star of Elune - JUNIOR EUROPASIEGER 2013 - what a nice reslut. Huge congrats to owner Kseniya Britova.




Another success baby of Frida and Chico.
FLY'ZUUM Star of Elune at the National Show Dobermann Pinscher -  received excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, most beautiful head and BIS III. Big congratulations. Thank you Mrs Monika.



2013.04.28 - CACIB OPOLE

Babies are at home under the watchful care of mothers, and we with our three dogs went to the International Dog Show in Opole and so on:

judge: Pedro Sanches Delerue (P)
''LILLY'' AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot  - junior class - excellent 2/5




judge: Krystyna Opara

"YAZZ" - Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ - intermediate class: Excellent, CWC, CACIB, BOB

"ZEN" - FLY'ZEN Star of Elune - junior class: very good 1

The same day, brother of  ZEN - FLY'FORCE Star of Elune also made ​​ debut in the junior class. He was excellent, he was elected the best junior,  the best dog in the race, and if that was not enough finished 3rd in the group. Congratulations Kseniya.


photo : Boris Glukharev


2013.04.27  - Lucky Thirteen

When Lex and Lilly honed the show rings at home Bertha gave birth to our 13 strong grays. 10 girls and three boys. Oh is soooo much work, but also a lot of fun.






judge: Alenka Pokorn



Judge: Alenka Pokorn (SLO)

''LEX'' - OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune  - open class - CWC, CLUB WINNER 2013  



''LILLY'' AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot  - junior class - excellent 2/5

"LILLY" - AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot - Excellent 2 (Junior Class)


2013.04.23 - We have German Pinscher puppies

At night the babies were born - nine GP - 2 b/t males, 3 b/t females, 3 red females & red male
Mom and babies are doing well.





2013.03.16 - CACIB Katowice

Lilla Enebys YUM'YAZZ debut in the show ring in the middle class and started Polish Championship. In the opinion of the judge  from Germany Hans Wiblishasera got excellent, CAC and res. CACIB.


2013.03.07 - 2013.03.10 - CRUFT

With great joy and pride to announce that girl from our kennel ENO'GIVE ME MORE MONEY Star of Elune "EVA" (InCh Drym Pinscher King Black x Ch Cecylia Kalong) dob 19.05.2012 was selected to the prestigious exhibition CRUFT BOB puppy at the same time was selected as Res. Best Female.
This is another spectacular success puppy from our kennel and the association Drym and Caza. In 2011, at the World Dog Show in Paris puppy girl  DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY Star of Elune taken BOB Puppy.

2013.03.02 - CACIB DRZONKÓW

At International Dog Show Drzonków ''LEX'' - OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune get excellent and taken 2 place Intermediate Class.
''LILLY'' AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot  won BOB puppy                   


                 OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune


                          AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot


2013.02.02 - CACIB Rzeszów

At International Dog Show Rzeszów ''LEX'' - OWNER OF THE LONELY HEART Star of Elune get - ex., CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed.
At Rzeszów debut ''LILLY'' - AMAZING LILLY Grey Shot at puppy class she get very promising place II.


2012.11.26 - FORCE again on the top

Very good news from Moscow - FLY'FORCE Star of Elune  (Ceriinan QUIERO TO ARITAUR x Xitamiz XPENZIVE GEM) BIS II on special show at Moscow. Good job Kseniya :)



2012.11.11 - CACIB Kielce - ''JAZZ'' New Poland Junior Champion

Lilla Enebys YUMM'YAZZ 
ended Poland Junior Champion. At show get excellent 1 ,Best Junior Male and Best Junior in breed - judge B. Ovesna.



2012.11.11 - CACIB Kielce

Dog from our kennel ORLANDO B. Staro of Elune (Weimaranus MOON OVER BROADWAY x Weimaranus ISLAND OF THE SUN) at International Dog Show get excellent, Best Junior Male and BEEST JUNIOR in breed. Good job. 669 184 888