Star of Elune is a kennel located in the south of Poland in Opolskie Voivodeship, in the beautiful Stobrawski Landscape Park.

Our adventure with breeding began in 2007 with the purchase of our first female dog, German Pinscher Caza, and registration of the breeding nickname in the ZKWP and at the same time in the FCI. After registering the kennel, Lotta joined our kennel – our first Weimaraner, beautiful female with excellent pedigree, and so it began.
The first litter in our kennel was born in 2009 – Germn Pinscher Caza gave 7 wonderfull puppies.
We welcomed the first litter of Weimaraners in the world in 2010. The partner of our beautiful Lotta was imported from US Homer – kennel Nanis. A beautiful, titled weimaraner with a fantastic pedigree. The pedigree of puppies includes the most famous and titled representatives of the breed.

The German Pinscher is not a very popular breed, so we decided at the end of 2009 to bring from Sweden, from the renowned kennel of this breed XITAMIZ, another German Pinscher
black & tan female – Frida. We welcomed her first litter in the world in 2012, and we chose
a beautiful representative of the breed as the father of puppies – Chico – kennel Ceriinan/Aritaur,
who became the new World Winner (Salzburg2012).
Thanks to this combination, we received a unique litter that made the name of our kennel Star of Elune famous all over the world. Thanks to our hard and thoughtful work, the Star of Elune name, has become recognized around the world with dogs living in the US, Canada, Asian countries as well as throughout Europe, both as breeding dogs, but also as best four-legged friends.

At the very beginning of our breeding journey, we recorded a stunning success and in 2009 the Weimaraner, a dog in our hands Muniek, won the The honorable title of Junior World Winner and Best Junior in Bratislava, World Dog Show.

After several years of debating with oneselves, in 2017 appeared in our kennel representative of the Australian Shepherd breed – Fifi, excellent black tri female from Hungary – kennel Kaleido Star. This was a new challenge for us, but in retrospect we do not regret our choice and the German Pinscher, the Weimaraner and the Australian shepherd can live in harmony with each other – although they represent different characteristics from each other. In 2018 we had a second female Chiara, a red tri imported from Italy – kennel Terra Del Falco.
In 2019 the first Australian Shepherd litter was born in our kennel – 7 beautiful puppies

Well, as Australian Shepherd then why not MAS? And so in 2020 to our four-legged herd joined Linda, blue merle female – Alta’s breeding line, representative of the Miniature American Shepherd, after this coincided with the recognition of the breed by the FCI.
MAS turned out to be a great breed, we had another MAS imported from France, two red tri females – kennel Temple de Pales and Des Sylphes Enchantees and one blue merle male – kennel Des Syplhes Enchantees, and from the Czech Republic one black tri male – kennel Carcassonne Tolugo in a short time.
In 2022 the first Miniature American Shepherd litter was born in our kennel – 10 puppies. 

Our passion is our dogs. We have adapted our entire life to them, everything revolves around them. Of course, our dogs live with us in the house and can roam around the house freely, as they are full-fledged members of the family – sharing with us “couch and bed”.
Puppies are born at home and grow up in the midst of all the events, the hustle and bustle of daily life- surrounded by attentive care around the clock.

We breed versatile dogs that stand out in show rings, working in the field as well as on the couch.

From the beginning we take care of the development and popularization of breeds – German Pinscher, Weimaraner, Australian Shepherd, Miniature American Shepherd, enriching our breeding plans also with dogs imported from the best breeding lines from all over the world.

We are very selective in our breeding decisions. We strive to breed dogs with excellent health, temperament as well as excellent exteriors.

The dogs we use have health tests and must meet strict criteria before being used in breeding.

We feel great responsibility for each puppy that is born as a result of our breeding decisions. Our goal is to breed dogs that will be first and foremost great household pets.

We pride ourselves on the fact that dogs bred by us go to the best kennels in the world and we are proud that our breeding work is being recognized and dogs with the Star of Elune nickname are spectacularly successful with recognized titles like:

WORLD WINNER 2018 at the world show in Amsterdam
WORLD WINNER 2021 at the world show in Brno and twice EUROPEAN WINNER 2019 in Wels and 2022 in Paris

Many representatives of the breeds we breed – the German Pinscher, Weimaraner or Australian Shepherd have become national champions and international champions.

We invite you to visit our website, as well as our profile on FB and to contact us with us if you are interested in a four-legged friend or simply want to talk about the breeds bred by us.